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Organic Certification Assistance

NOFA/Mass and Baystate Organic Certifiers together are testing a pilot program that could be utilized by other organizations throughout the US to assist farmers and handlers to gain organic certification. To make organic certification attainable and affordable for all, the USDA has established The Sound and Sensible Approach to Organic Certification.

Ryan & Sarah Voiland Celebrate with the Mount Grace Land Trust

Ryan & Sarah Voiland Celebrate with the Mount Grace Land Trust

A cornucopia of farms throughout the Commonwealth now bring organically grown food within, at least geographically, reach of a gratifyingly large part of our population. We who benefit from this impressive progress know the deep satisfaction that comes from eating good food and knowing personally, or by reputation, the farms and farmers that grow it. These achievements have hardly come easily and most working farmers continue to face formidable challenges just to persevere.

Laura Davis

Laura Davis

I am not a spontaneous decision maker by nature, but one who does the research, considers all sides, and then makes an informed and educated decision. That is exactly how I have approached my decision to apply for organic certification for our farm. Organic certification has many naysayers outside, as well as inside, the farming world, including organic farmers and my husband, who is also my farming partner.

Why Buy Organic?

The only food production system which prohibits industrial farming practices is organic farming. Food labeled "certified organic" and listing the certifier by name assures the consumer that rigorous organic standards have been followed in all stages of production. Labels which give the location of production allow consumers to select local farms for fresher food and for the clean soil, water, air and open space benefits with come from organic stewardship


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