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Summer Conference

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Starting onions in the heated tunnel seems like ages ago and the row covers have now been stowed away till autumn. With the Solstice now passed, summer has fully blossomed to bring this cherished season of long days for working in the garden deep into the evening. It is in this season that all the early mornings, the heavy lifting, the logistical irrigation and production puzzles we constantly solve for come full circle and we get to reap the rewards of our effort.

Aaaand, we absolutely love it. We love to see our nutritious, hard-earned products getting scooped up for dinners and weekend parties. So much has gone into the production it is now time to reap the rewards. The fruit is ripening. The plants are in full expression of their character and the land is teeming with diversity and life that we have helped steward. With every sale and every zucchini and tomato gifted to neighbors throughout the season we add to the momentum of putting reliably good food into the world -each farm and every garden fully functioning to do its part as one straw in this enormous broom of the organic movement.

Summer Conference Planning

August will be here before we know it! Will you be at Hampshire College August 9-11, 2019 for a rejuvenating and fun reprieve from farm work to sink into a weekend of quality time, live music, great food and amazing workshops with your NOFA family?

If you’re ready now you can register for the conference workshops, housing and meals online. Early bird rates are in effect until June 30th! Remember, all NOFA members save 20% at checkout with the code sent in an email from your chapter approximately May 1st. Check your inbox (and spam folder) for the discount code! Fees for registration, housing and meals can be found on our Registration Page.  

ifoam logo

NOFA is honored to be hosting this year’s Organic Farming Innovation Award (OFIA) Summit on Saturday August 10  at the 2019 Summer Conference!  Founded in 1972 and with around 800 members in over 127 countries, IFOAM - Organics International represents the global organic movement. Its main activities include facilitating capacity development for sustainable production; raising awareness and acting as a resource center for organic communications; advocating for and supporting the creation of a policy environment conducive to positive change.

We are looking forward to hosting IFOAM - Organics International community members and are excited to learn from their organizers. IFOAM - Organics International will be leading activities during several workshop slots at the Conference on Saturday, which all conference attendees are welcome to attend (no special registration pass is needed).

Summer conference

Your summer schedule is filling up fast and our NOFA Summer Conference program is filling out nicely. The second weekend in August will be alive at Hampshire College with fun lively bands, dancing, workshops (of course), youth programming, panels, and meetups.

Even as Hampshire College is going through a tumultuous period, exploring ways to keep their doors open and maintain a sustainable future for the school, their summer schedule is business as usual. We are grateful that they are sticking it out, even while things are rocky, and we have constant communication with them as they manage their way forward. We hope that they find a solution to their woes that gives them long term stability and allows their cutting-edge culture of creativity to continue to thrive. Read the most recent updates from Hampshire College here.

Summer Conference 2019 Update

It’s getting warm and Spring has officially sprung here at the NOFA Summer Conference headquarters. We have a fun, educational and exciting weekend in store for you for this coming August. With Sandor Katz as our keynote speaker and offering an intensive workshop on Saturday morning, a deep lineup of talented presenters, and an incredible group of local artisans and musicians, we are in for a very dynamic conference once again. With our new two-day format, the weekend is sure to be a potent experience.

This year you can join us for a mixer on Friday night to kick off the conference weekend, relax with live music and take the opportunity to shake your booty or just have some good ol’ friendly conversation. Our Friday night music will be brought to you by local superstars The Gaslight Tinkers and there will be local adult beverages for your taste buds. Some of you might remember this band from a few years ago as the contradance band. There will not be a formal contradance this year, but no one will stop you from grabbing a partner and spinning around the floor.

2019 summer conference

New two day conference schedule packs a punch

Each year, as the organizer of the NOFA Summer Conference-- the conference that serves the seven chapters of the Northeast Organic Farming Association-- I travel to as many of the NOFA chapter Winter Conferences as I possibly can.

For the last two months I have been lucky to enjoy the amazing education and positive vibes at each of our sister chapters’ winter gatherings. I’ve caught up with many folks that will be presenting at the NOFA Summer Conference this year, had interesting discussions with farmers and food activists and have made many new friends. I had a great conversation with Jim at Land For Good about the serious business of farm transitions and how many in our NOFA community are currently deep into that difficult work on their own farms. I left with the hope that over the years, farmers of all ages will begin to build their farm transition into their farm vision as much as they are building their soil health and production capacities.

I know it is deep winter at the moment, but if you NOFA members think summer for just a moment, you can take advantage of the NOFA Summer Conference’s two-day $99 Super Early Bird Special. The 45th Annual NOFA Summer Conference will celebrate the theme: Nutrition Matters: Soil Health Builds Human Health.Mark your calendar for the weekend of August 10 -11, 2019 at Hampshire College in Amherst.

In 2019, we are condensing the conference schedule into two days, from its typical three days. So, this is effectively your full weekend pass! In the hope that the conference can include more people in the entire event, we are consolidating and intend to make a more potent experience for all. The Friday Intensive Workshops will be mixed into the Saturday and Sunday schedules, with full and half day options. Conference registration will still be required to attend intensives. We are also extending Sunday’s offerings with another workshop slot later in the afternoon.

2019 NOFA Summer Conference keynote speaker, Sandor Katz

2019 NOFA Summer Conference keynote speaker, Sandor Katz

Don’t let our request for proposals pass you by! Make changes in the lives of conference attendees and join our network of talented, inspiring presenters. Workshops on a wide range of topics are welcome: home gardeners, herbalists, green builders, farmers, landscapers, nutritionists and chefs, and all other folks along the homesteading, growing, and food activism spectrum have engaging and important information to share. Proposals can be submitted online here. The deadline to submit workshop proposals is December 31st, 2018.

summer conference workshop

Each year, the NOFA Summer Conference provides a valuable opportunity for farmers, gardeners, homesteaders, land care professionals, cooks, educators, and environmentalists to share resources and ideas in order to grow our vibrant organic community.

We are looking for knowledgeable and enthusiastic presenters to offer workshops in a wide variety of categories. We welcome proposals from beginner to advanced levels, and have a program that includes children and adult workshops. We encourage teens to present workshops for our youth conference.

Summer Conference workshop outside

These are the days we crave. Full sun, full bloom, full baskets. Now that it’s the peak of summer, the days are long and hot, the garden is beginning to reward us with its most precious and beloved fruits, and we begin to see all our hard work paying off, even though we know it will not let up for another few months. The long hours, the constant attention to detail and the myriad projects that fill our notebooks are like the tide, carrying us toward the shore of the fall and winter months. We hope you are taking breaks, staying hydrated and focused on all the wins you are accomplishing along the way.

On August 10-12 we will again welcome the NOFA community back to Hampshire College for a heavy dose of the family we call the organic movement. With over 130 workshop presenters, 70 vendors, our amazing keynote speakers, Rowen White and Eric Holt Gimenez, and 900 of our closest friends, we will celebrate and immerse ourselves in the latest developments of organic agriculture and lifestyle. Our lineup this year is rich and fertile, with expert farmers, teachers, and merrymakers weaving together a weekend on the Hampshire Campus to cap off your summer.


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