The Natural Farmer Publication – Editor and Writer – Independent Contractor

The Northeast Organic Farming Association, Interstate Council (NOFA/IC) is hiring an Editor and Writer for its beloved publication, The Natural Farmer (TNF). The TNF is a critical educational journal of topics important to the organic farming and gardening community. Currently, each quarterly version of the publication has a particular focus that is presented in depth by the editor and experts in the field. This publication is a membership perk for about 5,000 members of the seven state chapters of the Northeast Organic Farming Association. The quarterly publication is currently printed and mailed as a hard copy as well as published online at This publication is an ideal opportunity for someone with a farming, homesteading or serious gardening background that loves to write, read and educate on areas of interest to NOFA’s members. NOFA enjoys a diverse membership of gardeners, farmers, homesteaders, landscapers, activists and people that care about the quality of their food. The current editor is retiring from the publication after 33 years and will be available to assist in the transition.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Editor and Writer of the TNF consults with the NOFA Interstate Council to identify the areas of focus of the 48- page quarterly publication. The job is to manage, edit, supervise production and the distribution of the paper each quarter and prepare files for web publishing. Work includes research, interviews of experts in the field, recruitment and management of guest writers, writing of various articles for the TNF and collaboration with marketing coordinator for ads and webmaster for posting online. Quarterly reporting to NOFA/IC.

Skills and Qualifications

Mastery of the design software InDesign by Adobe or other comparable publishing software.
Mastery of Microsoft Office.
Mastery of grammar, punctuation and spelling.
Ideal candidate will have significant experience in farm work, homesteading, serious gardening, or food access.
3 years of experience as an editor or writer.
Ability to manage within the approved budget.
Ability to work independently as well as collaborate effectively with a team.
NOFA membership required.

Location and Compensation:

The Editor/Writer will work remotely from one of the seven NOFA chapter states (Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey) or Maine. The Editor/Writer will consult with and report directly to the NOFA Interstate Council.

Compensation is $8,300 per issue for each of 4 issues paid quarterly. Current Editor estimates that a new Editor might work 1660 hours first year, less hours after they gain experience.

Independent Contractor – 1099 issued at year end.

Travel reimbursement per IRS guidelines. Attendance at two Interstate Council meetings per year is required.
Attendance at two other state chapter events per year suggested.

Necessary expenses will be reimbursed. These include: printing, postage and postage permit, list maintenance, travel, supplies and out-of-pocket costs, and all web or internet service costs such as hosting, posting, servicing, etc.

Please send cover letter, resume, references, work samples, all in pdf format to Paul Bertler  by December 15, 2020.