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Our Mission:

Pollinators face many challenges, from habitat loss to pesticides, but there is a groundswell of public interest in protecting their populations and the ecosystem services they provide. The mission of the MA Pollinator Network (MAPN) is to connect and support the growing number of communities, organizations, and research groups working to protect pollinators across the Commonwealth. In doing so, we aim to more rapidly and effectively expand pollinator habitat and reduce the use of pesticides.  

MAPN strengthens existing partnerships and facilitates new collaborations to accomplish shared goals, provides activists and advocates with the resources they need to succeed in their efforts, and engages in public education and outreach to raise awareness about the individual and collective actions we can take to promote healthy and diverse pollinator populations.

This initiative builds on the momentum generated by many local organizations including the Western Mass Pollinator Network, Bee Friendly Williamstown, Mystic Charles Pollinator Pathways, Wing and a Prayer Pollinator Nursery, Greening Greenfield’s Planting for Pollinators!, and others who have been working toward a vision of statewide coordination to expand pollinator habitat and reduce the use of pesticides. In keeping with this vision, the MAPN will be integrated with with the work of the Community Pesticides Reduction (CPR) Network (a project of NOFA/Mass and Community Action Works) and the NOFA/Mass Policy Department

Together, we will protect and expand pollinator habitats and reduce the use of biocides in landscapes across the Commonwealth!

Recent news and updates!

A Victory for Pollinators!

On March 1st, 2021, the Mass. Pesticide Board Subcommittee passed a motion to protect pollinators by restricting the use of neonic pesticides. The new regulations, which go into effect in 2022, will remove pesticide products containing neonics from retail stores. Click here to read more about this historic move and how you can help keep things moving!

Rosemary Malfi joins NOFA/Mass as Pollinator Network Coordinator

Rosemary MalfiRosemary is a trained ecologist with over a decade of experience leading research projects designed to better understand threats that face native bee populations, such as disease, human land use, and seasonal food scarcity. Most recently, she worked as a postdoctoral scientist at UMass Amherst. As the MAPN Coordinator, she will build a communications hub to connect and support communities, organizations, and researchers working to protect pollinators across the Commonwealth. She is excited to be stepping into a role and organization that is dedicated to healthy landscapes and food systems for people and wildlife alike. You can reach her at

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