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Pollinator Protection Policy – Working through State and Local Campaigns


What is the state of protecting pollinators through policy change? Join us as we have an insightful discussion with NOFA/Mass’s Policy Director Marty Dagoberto and Mireille Bejjani, Western Massachusetts Community Organizer for Community Action Works, co-facilitators of the Community Pesticides Reduction (CPR) network. This webinar will double as the monthly meeting of the CPR network and give all attendees a chance to plug into community-scale efforts to protect pollinators as part of the state and national movement. 


Propagating Nut Trees and Woody Perennial Fruit

Join NOFA/Mass at Big River Chestnuts in Sunderland, MA with Buzz Ferver from Perfect Circle Farm for a nutty day focused on how to propagate nut trees (and more) for your farm and homestead. Buzz is a lifelong grower with many years experience in woody plant propagation. Our host Jono Neiger is welcoming NOFA/Mass to his farm where, since 2018, he has developed a diversified  agroforestry system with blight-resistant chinese chestnuts, heartnuts, elderberries, aronia, and other crops.