By Jason Valcourt, NOFA Summer Conference Coordinator

Looking ahead to August 7-9, 2020- at the 46th Annual NOFA Summer Conference we will celebrate the theme “Climate Solutions are Grown in Soil” with keynote speaker Tim LaSalle. Tim is the Co-Founder of The Center for Regenerative Agriculture at the College of Agriculture at California State University, Chico, CA.

In the winter issue of The Natural Farmer we interviewed Tim and are enthusiastic to follow his exploration into why biology and No to Low-till systems seem to be the most efficient and profitable and also have great abilities to capture carbon on small and large scales. As Tim told us, “we need every farmer to solve the crisis we find ourselves in”. This is our belief as well, and we look forward to having Tim join us in August.

Seed Swap Table

Each year the Summer Conference welcomes over 800 people, some gaining first-time exposure to amazing presenters and topics that are at the core of the organic lifestyle. Workshops like:

  • Keeping Sheep Organically
  • Innovations in Cover Cropping to Control Weeds
  • Native Lawn Alternatives
  • Raising More
  • Better Food While Easing Climate Stress
  • IPM for Garden & Farm
  • Soapmaking 101
  • Herb-Infused Bone Broth

Some 2020 Highlights

2020 brings a robust Seed Saving learning track with seed mavens such as Lia Babitch from Turtle Tree Seeds, Bill Braun from Ivory Silo Farm and Freed Seed Federation and Hannah Traggis form Freed Seed Federation. You can look forward to a proper seed swap and a plethora of shared seed knowledge at this year’s conference.

Our 2nd annual Teen Summit is taking shape and will once again welcome youth-led groups from around the region. This year the summit will host its own keynote speaker and will continue to deepen the connection of regional youth groups to their shared wisdom and vision. In 2019 we had over 80 youths participate in the Teen Summit and look forward to another amazing event this year.

More programming will be posted online as we have it in place.

Sponsors and exhibitor applications are available online and general attendee registration opens May 12020.

Please email with questions or ideas for the conference.