NOFA/Mass Staff

Ulum Pixan Ahtohil Suk’il (she/her)
Ulum Pixan Ahtohil Suk’il (she/her)Education Director and Equity Co-Director
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Ulum Pixan (Original Name), aka Dania Flores (colonized name), is an Indigenous mixed-race woman (Maya, Xinca, Garifuna, Russian Jew and ladino), mother and grandmother. She was born in Guatemala, Mesoamerica, and moved to the United States in 1999. She has always been involved with community organizing around aboriginal, women’s, language, and environmental issues. Ulum is a critical thinker, farmer and activist. As NOFA/Mass’s Education Director she leads the educational efforts of the organization, promoting organic and sustainable agriculture and is an active member of the Equity and Inclusion committee.

Barrie Anderson (he/him)
Barrie Anderson (he/him) Administrative Director
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Phone: (617) 834-6883

In his role as Administrative Director of NOFA/Mass, Barrie works carefully behind the scenes to help facilitate the good work done by the NOFA/Mass team and helps keep things running smoothly.  Coming from a background in retail management and bookkeeping, Barrie loves a good spreadsheet.  When not wearing his NOFA garb, you can find Barrie singing and playing guitar, fronting the award-winning blues/roots group, The Barrett Anderson Band.

Christy Bassett (she/her)
Christy Bassett (she/her)Communications Director
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Christy joined NOFA/Mass as a staff member in 2017, bringing with her a passion for local food and a love of nature. As Communications Director she helps to oversee the messaging, marketing and branding of the organization and works closely with our various program coordinators to share the good work that NOFA/Mass is doing. At home, she and her family manage Barefoot All Natural Farm, a small homestead in Barre, MA where they have a herd of dairy goats, cows, pigs and poultry. Christy has a background in psychobiology and has studied marketing while running a small artisan soap business.

Marty Dagoberto L. Driggs (he/him)
Marty Dagoberto L. Driggs (he/him)Policy Director
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Contact: PO Box 441 Shelburne Falls, MA 01370

Marty serves as a community organizer, educator and activist working to promote regenerative organic agriculture, food sovereignty and pesticides reduction. As Policy Director, he is a registered lobbyist in the state legislature, communicates with the organic movement through monthly newsletter columns, speaking engagements and facilitates multiple statewide coalitions. Before becoming an advocate for transparency in labeling of genetically engineered foods, Marty studied genetics at WPI. He cares for a land within the ancestral lands of the Pocumtuck, where he spends time cultivating medicine, healthy soils and pollinator plants while building with allies toward cultural regeneration and Nature reconnection.

Laura Davis (she/her)
Laura Davis (she/her)Soil Technical Advisor & Certification Coordinator
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Now the President of the Board for NOFA/Mass, as well as the Co-President for the NOFA Interstate Council, Laura has served on the NOFA/Mass Board of Directors since 2011. In 2014, Laura joined the staff assisting farmers with their organic certification questions, and then joined the Soil Technical Assistance team in 2017 doing soil test analysis. Laura has two teenage daughters, runs Long Life Farm in Hopkinton, MA, along with her husband Donald Sutherland, and grows certified organic vegetables.  Learning from NOFA workshops has enabled her to grow nutrient dense food in a no-till regenerative system.

David Durstewitz (he/him)
David Durstewitz (he/him)Conference Workshop Coordinator
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David recently moved back to the northeast after 11 years in Chicago, where he was an outdoor farm manager and participated on the central organizing committee of the Urban Canopy, serving in HR and business administration roles. After years of farm, arts and worker organizing, he spearheaded the 2020 MidWest Urban Farmer Summit. As NOFA/Mass’s Conference Workshop Coordinator and Bulk Order Coordinator, he is excited to bring his focus on research, cooperative organization, maximizing production towards the seventh generation and a reparations-based approach to NOFA’s role in knowledge-sharing and economic viability for the region’s growers.

Lili Elena (she/her, they/them)
Lili Elena (she/her, they/them)Administrative Services Manager
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Lili Elena is a plant person from coastal Massachusetts. She has worked with language learners in major cities and with food systems and land stewardship in rural Maine. Living on Wabanaki land, they’ve recently provided administrative services to a variety of arts and culture organizations and collaborated with community organizers. Lili looks to the ocean’s ever-shifting intertidal zone to process change and adapt to possibility through a community-focused lens. Lili manages NOFA/Mass’s internal data systems and is a primary contact for members and event attendees.

Lisa Gilardi (she/her)
Lisa Gilardi (she/her)Graphic Designer
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In her role as Graphic Designer, Lisa shares the many facets of the organization with the NOFA/Mass audience and the general public through social media and design projects. After earning a BFA in advertising from the School of Visual Arts, she handled marketing for several small farms in addition to working in the fields. Lisa enjoys blending her background in communications with her passion for organic agriculture and sustainability. Originally from Massachusetts, Lisa has now relocated to Port Jervis, NY to co-manage Big Yellow Sun Farm.

Anna Gilbert-Muhammad (she/her)
Anna Gilbert-Muhammad (she/her)Food Access Director, Equity Co-Director, and Soil Technical Advisor
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Phone (413) 214-1237

Anna Gilbert-Muhammad currently serves as the Equity Director and Food Access/Webinar Coordinator for NOFA/Mass.  Anna graduated from NOFA/Mass’s Beginner Farmer Program in 2015 and began working with the organization in 2016.  The programs that Anna works with in Springfield is the Youth Leader Organic Gardening/Cooking Program at Home City Housing, The Open Pantry Community Garden Project and smaller projects in the Boston and Springfield Area.  Anna and her husband Keith Muhammad live in Springfield, MA and they are market gardeners in the Mason Area of Springfield

Jocelyn Langer (she/her)
Jocelyn Langer (she/her)Executive Director
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Phone (413) 561-0852

Jocelyn’s experience ranges from farming, gardening, and homesteading to public health and education, as well as a long history of collaboration with NOFA. Jocelyn’s non-profit background includes grant writing and fundraising, bookkeeping, and a passion for meeting facilitation. Jocelyn worked most recently with the Pioneer Valley Workers Center, and is a founder and board member of Just Words Language Justice Coop. She is also chair of the Listening Wellness Center board of directors, and serves on the advisory board of the Good Life Center. She lives in present day Northampton, MA.

Andrew Laurion (he/him)
Andrew Laurion (he/him)Bioremediation Project Coordinator & Food Access Assistant
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Andrew is an avid urban grower and woodworker. He leads the Bioremediation Program for NOFA/Mass, is the Youth Manager of Gardening the Community (GTC), and consults with youth leaders from GTC and Home City Housing in Springfield, MA.

Rosemary Malfi (she/her)
Rosemary Malfi (she/her)Massachusetts Pollinator Network Coordinator
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Rosemary is a trained ecologist with over a decade of experience leading research projects designed to better understand threats that face native bee populations, such as disease, human land use, and seasonal food scarcity. As the new Massachusetts Pollinator Network Coordinator, she will build a communications hub to connect and support communities, organizations, and researchers working to protect pollinators and reduce the use of biocides across the Commonwealth. As both a parent of two small children and a pollinator conservationist, she is excited to be stepping into a role and organization that is dedicated to creating healthy landscapes and food systems for people and wildlife alike.

 Christine Manuck (she/her)
Christine Manuck (she/her)Soil Health Projects Manager
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Christine is NOFA/Mass’s Soil Health Program lead, managing the program’s projects and grants. She has been closely connected to farming since childhood, with her first job on a vegetable farm fueling her love for both farming and the environment. She holds a Master’s degree in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Vermont and has agricultural and environmental management and research experience with the VT Department of Environmental Conservation, NRCD, and USDA. Christine lives in Connecticut where she enjoys spending time with family, gardening, running, biking, hiking, and knitting.

Hannah McDonald (she/her)
Hannah McDonald (she/her)Western Mass Regenerative Food System Coordinator
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Phone (774) 287-9375

Hannah McDonald is the Western Massachusetts Regenerative Food System Coordinator and focuses on the collaborative effort of connecting the dots on local food to make the intricacies of our food system not only resilient, but thriving. She is passionate about the art of stewardship, and seeks to constantly improve relationships with the Earth and human community in the form of song, dance, gardening, celebrating and, of course, cooking and sharing the harvest.

Donna McGrath (she/her)
Donna McGrath (she/her)Community Engagement Coordinator
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Donna is a farmer and homesteader who uses natural and organic management practices with her plants and animals to increase biodiversity and reduce the impact of agriculture on land. As a herdswoman and steward of the land, Donna raises sheep, goats and chickens and runs a farm store and CSA program. Donna is an active  member of the  central Mass community, and participates in farmers markets and outreach events. As Community Engagement Coordinator for NOFA/Mass, Donna uses her networking, membership and agricultural skills to nurture existing community relationships, reach new audiences and support our grassroots network.

 Dora Miller (she/her)
Dora Miller (she/her)Education Events Coordinator
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Dora is a community organizer who works with many different people and organizations in Boston and the surrounding cities–from politicians to medical doctors, community activists, disaster awareness panels and more. She has 17 years experience working in the medical field as an LPN, medical assistant, and in instrumentation and sterilization. For the past 10 years Dora has been working with urban farmers and friends to learn and teach young children and their families the basics and the importance of growing their own vegetables and canning them for storage.

Ruben Parrilla (he/him)
Ruben Parrilla (he/him)Soil Tech Coordinator
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Ruben works as the Soil Tech Coordinator for NOFA/Mass where he is responsible for implementing and performing field sampling protocols. He has 15 years of experience in the Environmental Laboratory Industry and is currently pursuing microscopy certification through Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web School. He also works as a field crew member for a farm that practices organic and minimal till techniques. Ruben believes in the guiding principles of land stewardship and that we all share this responsibility. When he is not actively working the land, Ruben enjoys gathering forest medicine, fermentation and home gardening to name a few. Finalmente, Rubén es bilingüe y quiere saber de usted.

 Mike Rice (he/him)
Mike Rice (he/him)Development Director
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Mike holds a Master’s degree in Food and Agriculture Law and Policy from Vermont Law School, where he was also a Research Assistant in the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems. As NOFA/Mass’s Development Director, he leads grant writing efforts and seeks sponsorships to support the organization’s programming and policy work. Before joining NOFA/Mass, he worked on two Vermont farms: one focused on perennial agriculture and winemaking, the other on pasture-based dairy and cheesemaking. Previously, he ran natural wine and beverage programs for restaurants in the Hudson Valley and NYC.

 Jason Valcourt (he/him)
Jason Valcourt (he/him)Podcast Producer
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Phone: 970-275-1355

Jason joined NOFA/Mass as Summer Conference coordinator in November 2015 and took on coordination of the NOFA/Mass Winter Conference in Spring 2016. Since Fall 2020, Jason has been the NOFA Podcast host, editor and engineer, interviewing expert farmers and gardeners on DIY projects and skill building techniques. Jason lives in Southeastern, MA where he chases groundhogs from his garden, composes music on acoustic guitars, teaches Buddhism and meditation, and enjoys hiking and mountain biking to ward off the inevitable onset of aging as best he can.

2021 Staff Meeting (Worcester MA)

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