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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2020 March Issue Newsletter

By Jason Valcourt, NOFA/Mass Winter Conference Coordinator

In case you missed it, or would like to revisit the talk, please enjoy the video of our 2020 keynote address with Carey Gillam as well as 15 audio recordings from workshops at this year’s winter conference now available on our YouTube channel. Check out the 2020 Winter Conference Playlist to see them all, or skim through the list below to skip straight to your favorites.

Looking ahead: Our 2021 NOFA/Mass Winter Conference Request for Proposals is now open. If you’d like to propose a workshop to present at next winter’s program you can do so through this form.

Recorded sessions:

Profitable Head Lettuce - Focusing on Quality and Value (Advanced)
Presenter: Derek Christianson: Owner-operator of Brix Bounty Farm in Dartmouth MA; Derek grows for CSA, farmstand and one farmers market.

Transitioning to a No-Till Farm (Intermediate)
Presenter: Bryan O'Hara: Over 25 years of experience farming; author of the upcoming book The No-Till Intensive Vegetable Grower's Handbook 

Cover Crop Strategies for No-Till Systems (Introductory-Intermediate)
Presenter: Julie Fine: Julie is the Northeast rep for Johnny's Selected Seeds. Her grad research looked at cover crops for no-till vegetable production.

Healthy Soil, Healthy Gardens: Cover Crops for the Small-Scale Grower (Introductory)
Presenter: Sharon Gensler: Homesteader/organic grower/educator 38 yrs. Using no-till & cover crops soil building practices on small scale. 

Producing Very Low Risk Raw Milk for Human Consumption (Intermediate)
Presenter: Mark Mcafee: Mark McAfee is the founder of the Raw Milk Institute and also the CEO of Organic  Pastures Dairy. 

Soil Health on the Hand-Scale Farm: Cover Crops Mulching & More (Intermediate)
Presenter: Jen Salinetti: Co-owns a regenerative, no-till, biointensive vegetable farm, CSA and education center in the Berkshires.
Presenter: Mathieu Boudreau: B.A. in Environmental Studies & Sustainability from Drew University, Farm Crew Manager at Woven Roots Farm.

Growing Vegetables with Draft Horses (All Levels)
Presenter: Lincoln Fishman: Lincoln has been growing vegetables with horses since 2011.

Silvopasture: Key Climate Adaptation Strategy for the Northeast (All Levels)
Presenter: Connor Stedman: Lead Designer & Ecologist, Appleseed Permaculture. 

Chestnuts: A Staple Tree Crop for the Northeast (All Levels)
Presenter: Jono Neiger: Dedicated teacher and practitioner of agroforestry, ecosystem restoration, and permaculture.
Presenter: Russell Wallack: Founder, Owner & Farmer at Breadtree Farms.

Building Soil Carbon for Better Crops and Climate (Intermediate)
Presenter: Jack Kittredge: Carbon farming researcher, certified organic farmer.
Presenter: Julie Rawson: Certified organic farmer &  NOFA/Mass Executive Director. 

Planting Garlic into Green Mulch (Introductory)
Presenter: Alexa Smychkovich: Graduate Student, Plant and Soil Sciences, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, UMass Amherst.

Reducing Tillage at Freedom Food Farm (Intermediate)
Presenter: Chuck Currie: Runs Freedom Food Farm, a 90-acre four-season certified organic farm producing meat, grain, produce & eggs in Raynham, MA.

Raising Healthy Pigs Part 1: Breeding & Farrowing (Intermediate, Advanced)
Presenter: Alice Percy: For ten years Alice operated a commercial certified organic pastured hog operation on her farm in Whitefield, Maine.

Raising Healthy Pigs Part 2: Feed and Pasture (Intermediate, Advanced)
Presenter: Alice Percy: For ten years Alice operated a commercial certified organic pastured hog operation on her farm in Whitefield, Maine.

Responding to Rapid Insect Population Collapse (All Levels)
Presenter: Connor Stedman: Lead Designer & Ecologist, Appleseed Permaculture.


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