A Gift of Stocks or Bonds

Your charitable gift helps others while providing an opportunity for tax savings.

How to Make a Gift of Stocks or Bonds

There are several ways to make a gift of securities.

  1. With Certificate: If you have the actual certificate, you can mail the unendorsed certificate and a signed stock power (in separate envelopes) to NOFA/Mass Planned Giving, 411 Sheldon Road, Barre, MA 01005. The gift date is determined by the postmarks on the envelopes. Most financial institutions can provide stock powers, or, if you prefer, we will send one to you.
  2. Electronic Transfer: The fastest and easiest way to make a stock gift is to have your broker perform an electronic transfer. He or she will need the following information:

DTC #: 0756

Account Name: NOFA Mass Chapter

Account #: 26682307

Firm: Ameriprise Financial Services

Contact: Amy Mohan at (781)556-0052; amy.mohan@ampf.com

Important: Please be certain to notify us when you’ve made a gift of securities.

Please notify:

Barrie Anderson
411 Sheldon Road
Barre, MA 01005

(617) 834-6883

Tax ID Number: 22-2987723

Click here for a copy of NOFA/Mass’s 501(c)(3) determination letter.