Massachusetts Pollinator Network (MAPN) Launch Event!


NOFA/Mass has launched the Massachusetts Pollinator Network, a statewide initiative to connect, coordinate, and support pollinator protection efforts across the Commonwealth! Join us at our official launch event (online) to learn about the broader vision for the network and the role of the hired Pollinator Network Coordinator.

“Community science-powered research: studying native and invasive mason bee health and diversity” by Kathryn LeCroy, Ph.D.


The Massachusetts Pollinator Network will host Kathryn LeCroy, Ph.D. as its first Summer Seminar speaker! Dr. LeCroy is a native bee ecologist who studied the negative impact of non-native mason bees on native mason bees with the help of over 200 citizen scientists. Join us to learn more about her findings and the impressive citizen monitoring program she organized!

Community Garden Organizing


Are you looking to expand your garden space or enhance the experience of growing food for community members? Join us for another event from our Inspiring Ideas from the Field series with Native Praxis, founder of Root Life in New Haven, CT, as we discuss community garden design and organization.


2021 Summer Conference


47th NOFA Summer Conference We’re super sad about missing your grass-stained [...]


Propagating Nut Trees and Woody Perennial Fruit

Join NOFA/Mass at Big River Chestnuts in Sunderland, MA with Buzz Ferver from Perfect Circle Farm for a nutty day focused on how to propagate nut trees (and more) for your farm and homestead. Buzz is a lifelong grower with many years experience in woody plant propagation. Our host Jono Neiger is welcoming NOFA/Mass to his farm where, since 2018, he has developed a diversified  agroforestry system with blight-resistant chinese chestnuts, heartnuts, elderberries, aronia, and other crops.