Interplanting and Plant Intensification

Gaining Ground Farm 341 Virginia Rd., Concord

Have you been considering starting, or transitioning to, a no-till farm? Join us at Gaining Ground Farm in Concord, MA to learn small-scale, high-yield methods for crop production using methods that minimize soil disturbance and maximize soil health. We will discuss what we love and don’t love about the tools we use: like planting with the paper pot transplanter, using the Johnny’s tilther for bed prep, the BSC power harrow, the broadfork, our cultivation tools, and greens harvester. Farm manager Anna Kelchlin will lead an interactive field walk with observations and input from guest presenter Yoko Takemura of Assawaga Farm in Putnam, CT.


“Designing Biodiversity in the Age of the Anthropocene”


with Evan Abramson

Gardeners, farmers, landowners and designers have a vital role to play in strengthening, expanding and enhancing regional biodiversity, ecological health and climate resilience. On working lands, conservation properties, front lawns and backyard gardens, functionally diverse native pollinator habitat can serve as a building block for linking intact natural areas across a fragmented landscape.

NOFA/Mass Climate Action Challenge 2021


Throughout the month of October, we will be sharing how food and agriculture are intrinsically entwined with our climate, what problems farmers, nature lovers and consumers are facing due to a changing climate, and how we can work together to make headway on these problems. If you’re ready to share the responsibility of educating about and advocating for these issues, we challenge you to take action and support these efforts this month--and beyond.

NOFA/Mass Winter Conference


Save the Date and mark your calendar for our 35th Annual winter gathering. Join your peers in the organic, regenerative, sustainable living movement at the NOFA/Mass Winter Conference this January. Gain access to presenters and information that keeps you on the pulse of the latest developments, insights and innovations happening on the farms and gardens of your local region as well as from further afield. 

Propagating Nut Trees and Woody Perennial Fruit

Join NOFA/Mass at Big River Chestnuts in Sunderland, MA with Buzz Ferver from Perfect Circle Farm for a nutty day focused on how to propagate nut trees (and more) for your farm and homestead. Buzz is a lifelong grower with many years experience in woody plant propagation. Our host Jono Neiger is welcoming NOFA/Mass to his farm where, since 2018, he has developed a diversified  agroforestry system with blight-resistant chinese chestnuts, heartnuts, elderberries, aronia, and other crops.