NOFA/Mass’s commitment to a fair and just food system stems from our

Working Racial Equity Statement.

Listen to an audio recording of this statement.

Let’s help each other better understand how the absence of equity plays out in the food system. Only then can we recognize it, challenge it, change it, and move toward a fair food system for all.

This is a long-term commitment. We see this as a slow, steady, deliberate process, in which we are both challenged and inspired. We look forward to engaging in it with you.

Racial Equity Resources

If you are interested in deepening your understanding of how racism appears in the food system and beyond, we invite you to explore these resources compiled by our staff and board members.

History of Racism and Inequity

Policy Research Memo – Equity in Agriculture (Written)
Nichole Catsos

Spirit Plate Podcast (Audio)

Summary of two books on colonial interruption of Indigenous land use (Written)
Eric T. Freyfoglet

Land Loss vs Black Commons (Written)
The Conversation

Housing Segregation and Redlining in America: A Short History (Video)
Code Switch / NPR

Racism and Inequity in Agriculture

Leah Penniman: Ending Racism in Farming and Food – 10 Not-So-Easy Steps (Video)

The Great Land Robbery (Written)
The Atlantic

Environmental Racism and Our Food System (Written)
Food Print

Principles of Environmental Justice (Written)
People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit

Community Resources

Land as a Social Relationship (Written)
Briarpatch Magazine

Resources for people who identify as BIPOC

Why People of color need spaces without white people (Written)
Racial Equity Tools

Resources for people who identify as White

Scene on Radio Podcast (Audio)
Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University

8 Ways White Bias Can Misdirect Food System Work (Audio)
World Policy Food Center


Black Yield Podcast (Audio)
Black Yield Institute

Anti-Racist Farmers Market Tool Kit (Written)
Farmer’s Market Coalition

Reparations Resources

Timeline: Black Farmers and The USDA 1920 to Present (Written)
Environmental Working Group

A Nation Built on Slavery and Racism (Written)
Yes magazine

Reparations Map (Written)
Northeast Farmers of Color