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NOFA/Mass PodcastA podcast all about Organic farming, sustainability and food systems for everyone who cares about food, where it comes from and how it's grown. We will dive into topics, interview amazing guests and hear from our listeners about what is going well or not so well on their farms. Stay tuned because each episode will be better than the last!

Episode 8. Getting Permaculture-y!

This week on the NOFA/Mass Podcast we are going to take a deep dive into a system of farm and garden design that aims to be a holistic approach to food production, land stewardship and even how we interact with other people. Permaculture! We will get into the history of this system, what it is and why so many Organic and sustainable growers love it. We will also hear my chat with Jono Niger the author of The Permaculture Promise and the main man at Regenerative Design Group all about the principals and the zones. Plus this week's Farm Hack that is a super space saver and our Farm Fail that is a craaaazy time waster! So, kick back, get ready to observe the patterns cuz we are going to get Permaculture-y!

Season 1. Episode 7. The NOFA Summer Conference!

This week on the NOFA/Mass podcast we are feeling the summertime vibes folks! I’m talking sunglasses, bare feet, swimming holes, singing around bonfires and of course the best part of summer that encompasses all these things AND is all about Organic Farming and sustainable living...what's that you ask? It’s the 44th NOFA Summer Conference!! Because registration is OPEN Ya’ll! 

Season 1. Episode 6. Season Extension and Sci-fi Metaphors!
This week on the NOFA/Mass podcast we are going to be doing some Science Fiction-y stuff folks, we are bending space and time, we are manipulating plant biology, we are going to build a SPACESHIP!! Ok, maybe not that but the other stuff... sort of. We are talking season extension! Why we would want to extend the growing season, what season extension techniques you can use from tiny and homemade to huge and high tech, and what plant breeds are the best to try and extend the season with. Plus an interview with Jeremy Barker Plotkin of Simple Gifts Farm in Amherst MA about how season extension upped his CSA game and this week we only have a Farm Fail but boy it's a doozy! Don’t go anywhere, we are going to boldly grow into a season no-one has grown in before!

Season 1. Episode 5: Sequester Carbon to Save the WORLD! 
We can save the world people! By sequestering atmospheric carbon! This week on the NOFA Mass Podcast, we’ll be getting into the knitty-gritty of soil carbon restoration. Why it’s so important to get carbon out of the air and into the soil and how you can make a difference, whether you are a large scale farmer, homesteader, gardener or consumer. We’ll be hearing my interview with Sharon Gensler a homesteader extraordinaire who uses regenerative, no-till techniques and teaches workshops all over the state about how you can build your soil and sequester carbon too. Plus, this week's Farm Hack is super smart and super sweet!!

Season 1. Episode 4: Is Organic food more nutritious?

On this week's episode of the NOFA/Mass podcast we are gunna help you feel good from the inside out. Because we are talking all about nutrition! I’ll tell you all about how you can tell what is actually nutritious, why you might want to choose organic food to support your overall health and where you can find it using our Organic food guide. Plus, my interview with Kathleen DiChiara the author, lecturer and an Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach who is passionate about helping people learn how to use functional nutrition to heal their chronic illness. And this week we have our first ever Farm Hack/Fail combo! So, turnip the volume because this is about to be the radish podcast on nutrition you have ever heard!

Season 1. Episode 3: Fresh Faces of Farming
This week on the NOFA/Mass podcast we will be talking all about beginning farmers starting their farming enterprises! It’s no small potatoes to start a farm from nothing. We are going to talk about the upswell of young folks interested in farming, why we need them, issues young farmers face and what NOFA/Mass is doing to help out the new generation of Organic food producers. I’ll also be chatting with Elly Vaughan the owner and operator of Phoenix Fruit Farm in Belchertown MA all about how she went from a WWOOFer to being a badass farm owner. Plus a financial farm hack and a fail that will turn your heart to STONE!

Season 1. Episode 2: What the heck is Organic anyway?

This week on the NOFA/Mass podcast we are asking the age old question what the heck is Organic anyway? Ok, so not AGE old but since the 60s.. The 70s? We’ll get into it with a little history lesson on where the term Organic farming came from, why we have it, why we still need it and what it tells you about the food you eat. We will also be talking to the wonderful Laura Davis about NOFA/Mass’s Organic Certification program and her journey to running her own Organic farm. Plus a super stinky Farm Fail and a Farm Hack that really upgrades trellis growing!


Season 1. Episode 1. What's the buzz on Organic honey?
This week on the NOFA/Mass podcast your gunna catch a buzz… Because we will be talking all about bees! What is the state our bees 10 years after the Colony Collapse crisis? Can you truly have Organic honey? I’ll also give you an update on the pollinator protection act and some tips about how you can help bees in your own backyard!
We’ll also be hearing my interview with the amazing Angela Roell a beekeeper extraordinaire about their journey to beekeeping and their upcoming workshops on apiary management and their favorite Queen Bee name! Plus, this week's Farm Hacks and Farm Fails from you our listeners. Don’t go anywhere, we're going to hive a great time!

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