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NOFA/Mass PodcastA podcast all about Organic farming, sustainability and food systems for everyone who cares about food, where it comes from and how it's grown. We will dive into topics, interview amazing guests and hear from our listeners about what is going well or not so well on their farms. Stay tuned because each episode will be better than the last!

Episode 15: Earthworms, Fungi and Aggregates, OH MY!
This week on the NOFA/Mass podcast we are getting down and dirty and talking about soil...AGAIN! Some new takes on why healthy soil makes for healthier food and a healthier planet. The world of things under your feet making soil better and the top 5 ways to get more worms in your soil. We talk to Caro Rozell NOFA/Mass Soil Carbon Testing Technician about the amazing workshops she is doing all over MA teaching folks how to test the quality of their soil. And Farm Hacks and Fails are back with a trashy fail and a pumped up hack

Season 1. Episode 14 Farm Bills and Tours!
This week on the NOFA/Mass podcast it’s all about the farm bill baby! And that is because we are going to be joining Congressman Jim McGovern on his farm tour of the NOFA/Mass headquarters Many Hands Organic Farm in Barre MA! We will talk about what the farm bill is and why we need to have folks like McGovern in our corner. I will also be introducing a heroic new segment “Marty’s Call to Action!” Stick around folks because we are only gonna talk about this bill every five years… Because it’s an omnibus bill...The farm bill yah know? Heh

Season 1 Episode 13 Summer Conference Recap!
This week on the NOFA/Mass podcast we are going to be reliving the glory of the NOFA Summer Conference! This past weekend hundreds of farmers came together to learn for some amazing presenters. Including our keynote speakers Rowen White and Eric Holt-Giménez. In this episode, you will hear excerpts from those talks as well as a very seedy farm fail and a heartfelt farm hack.

Episode 12. Hot town, FARMING in the city!
This week on the NOFA/Mass podcast we are talking about farms where you would least expect them. In the city! I’ll take you through some history of farming in cities and the amazing benefits of growing food that isn't just food. And we will hear my interview with NOFA/Mass’s own Anna Gilbert-Muhammad about the work she has done building gardens up from scratch in Springfield Mass. And why she will always ask what your favorite food is first and maybe hire a dj! And as always our farm hacks and farm fails, but this week it’s just thos sweet sweet hacks! Stick around, because today is all about urban farms

Episode 10: Founding Farmers, Happy 4th of July!

Episode 9: Survival of the Seeds!

Episode 8: Getting Permaculture-y!

Episode 7: The NOFA Summer Conference!

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