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NOFA/Mass Podcast

NOFA/Mass PodcastA podcast all about Organic farming, sustainability and food systems for everyone who cares about food, where it comes from and how it's grown. We will dive into topics, interview amazing guests and hear from our listeners about what is going well or not so well on their farms. Stay tuned because each episode will be better than the last!

Episode 11: Wonderful Webinars!
This week on the NOFA/Mass podcast we are highlighting one of the NOFA programs that is just the coolest… our free monthly webinars! In this special episode we will be hearing an excerpt from a recent webinar about soil tests and how to use 'um presented by Derik of Brix Bounty Farm. And I'll give you the scoop on a workshop series that NOFA is offering that will really get your hands dirty and even a farm fail from ME! Stay tuned for some wonderful webinar goodness!

Episode 10: Founding Farmers, Happy 4th of July!
This week on the NOFA Mass podcast we are getting into the holiday spirit! Today is the fourth of July and as we celebrate our country's independence we are going to be talking about the often rebellious, sometimes problematic and always patriotic history of farming in the USA. And especially here in MA as we chat with Cathy Stanton of Tufts University about the very specific history of New England farming, how it is much more triumphant than we think and why she would want to be a fly on the wall of Shays rebellion! So, stand on up! Put your hand on your hearts and let's pledge allegiance to organic farming!

Season 1. Episode 9. Survival of the Seeds!
This week on the NOFA/Mass Podcast we are really gonna let ourselves go to seed. No, I don't mean that I’m going to grow out my hair and beard all Rip Van Winkle Style! We are actually talking about seed saving! I’ll give you my hot takes on taking up seed saving and the top 5 reasons you should start saving your own seeds for your garden, homestead or farm. Plus my talk with Bill Braun of Ivory Silo Farm all about the politics and practices of his life as a seed saver. And as always our farm hacks and fails!

Season 1. Episode 8. Getting Permaculture-y!

Season 1. Episode 7. The NOFA Summer Conference!

Season 1. Episode 6. Season Extension and Sci-fi Metaphors!

Season 1. Episode 5: Sequester Carbon to Save the WORLD!

Episode 4: Is Organic food more nutritious?

Episode 3: Fresh Faces of Farming

Episode 2: What the heck is Organic anyway?

Season 1. Episode 1. What's the buzz on Organic honey?

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