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Bulk Order Program

The 2017 NOFA Tri State Bulk Order is Now Open! 
You have until February 1st to place your orders.
Order Online at (live Dec 31st) or by paper and mail using the following documents:

2017 Bulk Order Catalogue

***January 4th Update from Moose Tubers: Sangre, Purple Viking, & Red Thumb will NOT be available as organic seed this year due to failure of winter virus testing. To purchase these varieties in conventional seed, please contact Caro for pricing. (
Announcing New Bulk Order Website & New Order Form
Starting on January 1st, you will be able to place your order via an online ordering process, with a shopping cart feature, on a new NOFA Bulk Order website. The ordering process should be more convenient and enjoyable, and quite similar to any other online ordering process, with many familiar features like emailed order summaries, simple and secure online payments, and abandoned cart recall.
If you prefer the process of ordering on paper, we will still have both a printable pdf catalogue and order form (available via mail by request). However, we are getting rid of the 5-page excel form and moving to a two-page write-in order form that will reduce our use of paper and simplify the order-fulfillment process for all of our site coordinators.
We are currently uploading content to the site, but we hope to be able to release the URL in December so you can preview the site in advance of the opening of the ordering period (January 1st).
Cover Crop Seed: Prices Reduced by 15% on Average! 

Through some strategic supply chain adjustments, our organic cover crop seed prices will be down by more than 15% this year, on average. Some prices aren’t changing at all over last year’s prices, while others are coming down by 30- 40%.

Custom Cocktails Improved 

We are expanding and improving our custom cover crop cocktail mixes.  Last year, we carried a Winterkill mix and a Winter Hardy mix; this year we will offer an improved Winterkill Mix, a Fall-to-Spring Cover Mix, for building fertility and protecting vegetable land between growing seasons, and a Perennial Mix, for putting a field into multi-year fallow and/or livestock forage. All mixes are 100% organic seed and have at least eight different cover crop varieties.

Biochar Blend Added

We are adding a new custom product to the bulk order! Ideal Compost Company,  NextChar, and NOFA/Mass have teamed up to offer you a bagged 50/50 compost / biochar blend.  Blending biochar with compost pre-inoculates the biochar with beneficial microorganisms and reduces the shock to soil that can accompany a raw, unblended biochar application. Biochar increases the water holding capacity of soil, provides habitat for soil biota, increases pH, and is considered an effective method for increasing the carbon sequestration capacity of the soil.

PICK UP DATE, for most sites:

Saturday March 18 for seed, fertilizers, tools, etc. &

Saturday April 15 for seed potatoes/ onions/shallots, but pick up times and dates do vary among sites so do check the schedule below.

Some sites will allow you to pick up early, especially tubers. Closer to pickup you will receive an email with any special instructions about pickup at your site.

2017 Pickup Schedule:
: NESFI, 275 Jackson St: Sat. 3/18 9am – 1pm; Sat 4/15 9 – 11am

Barre: Many Hands Organic Farm, 411 Sheldon Rd:  Wed-Sun 3/14- 3/18 & 4/4-4/15

Dalton: Holiday Brook Farm, 100 Holiday Cottage Rd: Weds & Thurs 3/15 & 3/16 (no Saturday pickup in March) 2-6pm; Sat 4/15 10am – 2pm

Meriden, CT:  High Hill Orchard, 86 Fleming Rd: Sat 3/18 8 am- Noon; Sat 4/15 8-10am

Seekonk: Early Dawn Farm, 521 Prospect St  3/18  8am-2pm  & 4/15 8am-2pm

Waltham: Waltham Fields Community Farm, 240 Beaver St: Sat 3/18 9am-1pm; Sat 4/15 9-11am

Winchester: Wright Locke Farm, 78 Ridge St: Sat. 3/18 10am – 3pm; Sat 4/15 8 – 11am

West Wareham: Progressive Grower, 81 Charlotte Furnace Rd: Sat. 3/18 9am-1pm; Sat 4/15 9-11am

Site Locations Map

What is the Bulk Order program? 

This is a collective buying program for Baystate-approved, organically certifiable farm, garden, and lawn care products.   Products include compost; potting soil; fertilizers; mineral amendments; tools for the farm and garden; animal supplements; and tuber, allium, and cover crop seed.  The order is open every year during the month of January, from the 1st to the 31st.   Orders are delivered at the above sites in MA, RI, and CT in 2 rounds, during early March and April.  All items with the exception of tuber and allium seed are delivered in March. 

Who can participate?

NOFA members and non-members may participate. Whether you’re a small-scale gardener, large-scale commercial farmer, or anything in between, you can participate; there’s no minimum order.  Current NOFA members, or those who join or renew on the order form, will receive the price listed.  Non-members, please include an additional 10% to cover administrative fees.  

Which suppliers do you work with?

Progressive Grower, MA: mineral amendments, fertilizers, cover crop seeds, useful things.
Organic Growers Supply, ME: mineral amendments, fertilizers, cover crop seeds -
Moose Tubers, ME (division of FEDCO): potato & allium seed – or (207) 873-7333
Fertrell, PA: - mineral amendments, fertilizers, animal care products -
Vermont Compost Company, VT: compost & potting soil -
Crop Production Services, MA: mineral amendments - (413-665-2115)
North Country Organics, VT: mineral amendments & fertilizers –
Ideal Compost Company, NH: compost, potting soil, wooden stakes –
Lancaster Agriculture, PA: mineral amendments, fertilizers & cover crop seed -

Questions?  Caro Roszell, Bulk Order Coordinator,



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