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Bulk Order Program

Off-loading supplies at New England Small Farm Institute, Belchertown, MA

 Thank you for participating in the 2015 Bulk Order. First round of deliveries will take place mid-March.

The Bulk Order offers many organically certifiable farm, garden, and lawn care products at “bulk” prices, while also supporting NOFA. The favorable prices you’ll find here are due to the generosity of our suppliers, the hard work of the Site Managers, all of you who help to receive and distribute the goods, and to our minimal overhead.  Happy ordering, and thank you for supporting NOFA. 

NOFA members and non-members may participate: Whether you’re a small-scale gardener, large-scale commercial farmer, or anything in between, you can participate; there’s no minimum order.  Current NOFA members, or those who join or renew on the order form, will receive the price listed.  Non-members, please include an additional 10% to cover administrative fees.  

Our Suppliers: We are pleased to be continuing our work with…

Organic Growers Supply, ME: mineral amendments, fertilizers, cover crop seeds -
Moose Tubers, ME (division of FEDCO): potato & allium seed – or (207) 873-7333
Fertrell, PA: - mineral amendments, fertilizers, animal care products -
Vermont Compost Company, VT: compost & potting soil -
Crop Production Services, MA: mineral amendments - (413-665-2115)
North Country Organics, VT: mineral amendments & fertilizers –
Ideal Compost Company, NH: compost, potting soil, wooden stakes –
Auto Be Green, NH: bio-synthetic hydraulic and motor oils -
Descriptions and More Products:
Link here to brief descriptions of products listed on the order form. Visit our suppliers’ websites or peruse the Fedco, OGS, VCC, or Fertrell catalogs for more detailed info. If you are interested in OGS/Fertrell products not on our form, we can probably get them for you at a discounted NOFA price. If you want such items, contact Cathleen O’Keefe by January 23 for price, availability and ordering instructions, before you complete your form.

Payment & Submitting Orders
NOFA receives 100% of all check payments and 97% of all credit card payments. Money Orders happily accepted. Please expect a 2 week processing time.

Order by Mail: Fill out your order form neatly, designating your pick up site, and mail with your payment. Orders must be postmarked by January 31.  There will be no late periodNo late orders will be accepted. Checks are preferred to credit card payments.

Order in Person: Orders will be accepted in person at the NOFA/Mass Winter Conference, January 10 at Worcester State. Turn your order in at the NOFA/Mass table.

PLEASE volunteer to help sort and distribute orders at your site!
As always, the Site Managers can use help unloading the truck, organizing, and breaking down orders. Many of our farms are busy preparing for the season, so all of your help is greatly appreciated. Supplier orders will be delivered Tuesday 3/10 and 3/31 (weather conditions permitting). After they arrive, each order has to be checked in and distributed to the proper owner. To lend a hand, circle "I can be there on these days" on your order form, arrive on the pre-determined date, then take your order home early. Volunteering is a great way to meet other NOFA members and to participate in a wonderful communal tradition. This is another reason why we save money - everyone chips in a little work.

PICK UP DATE, for most sites, is Saturday morning, March 14 for seed, fertilizers, tools, etc. and Saturday morning, April 4 for seed potatoes/onions/shallots, but pick up dates vary among sites. Please see schedule below for anomalies, otherwise pick-up will be Saturday mornings. About a week before pickup wWe’ll e-mail you a reminder including directions to the site you circled about a week before pickup. Please bring a copy of your order form to pick up and check all items before leaving. Any problems should be reported to your Site Coordinator. You must pick up your order on the pick up date unless prior arrangements have been made with your Site Coordinator.

Site Locations and Pick Up Times
Belchertown: NESFI, 275 Jackson St: Sat. 3/14 9am – 1pm; 4/4 9 – 11am
Barre: Many Hands Organic Farm, 411 Sheldon Rd: Wed-Sunat 3/11-3/154 & 4/1-4/45
Dalton: Holiday Farm, 100 Holiday Cottage Rd: Sat. 3/14 9am – 1pm; 4/4 9am – 11am
Ipswich: Appleton Farms, 219 County Rd: Arrange pick-up time with coordinator
Little Compton, RI: Wishing Stone Farm, 25 Shaw Rd. Sat. 3/14 12-5pm; 4/4 12-5pm
Meriden, CT: High Hill Orchard, 86 Fleming Rd: Sat 3/14 8 am – Noon; 4/4 8-10am
Winchester: Wright Locke Farm, 78 Ridge St: Sat. 3/14 10am – 3pm; 4/4 8 -11am
West Wareham: Progressive Grower, 81 Charlotte Furnace Rd: Sat. 3/14 9am-1pm; 4/4 9-11 am

See Site Map

Volume Discount: If your order totals over $500 (before taxes and membership), you may deduct 2%; over $1,000 deduct 3%; over $2,500 deduct 4%.  If you qualify for the discount and must pay Mass. Sales Tax (page two items only) figure the tax after calculating the discounted total on page 2.

Taxes:  Only Massachusetts residents must pay a 6.25% sales tax on all of the items on page 2 of the order form.  However, you can claim exempt status if your business is not-for-profit (include copies of forms ST-5 and ST-2) or if you are a commercial farm (include a copy of Form ST-12, downloadable from  Sales tax will be charged unless exempt status documentation accompanies the order form.

Deliveries:  We can offer pallet pricing for most of the minerals and fertilizers listed; prices for bulk loads of VCC compost & potting soils are already listed.  To qualify for this pallet pricing, you are required to arrange for drop delivery at individual farms or other pre-designated sites.  Please contact the bulk order coordinator to determine pallet pricing & drop shipping rates, which are to be included in your payment.  If you are ordering VCC slings only, delivery charge is $85 per sling bag, and you can add it on the form without contacting the coordinator.  You are responsible for offloading pallets with a pallet jack, fork lift, tractor, or equivalent equipment.  If you require hand offloading/lift gate, an additional fee will apply.

Certified organic growers who buy products through this order are still responsible for their own documentation. In the case of some cover crop seed, onion sets, and shallots, you must demonstrate organic sources were unavailable.  Contact Baystate Organic Certifiers directly, or 774-872-5544, with any questions.

Refunds:  If any product problems arise, contact the bulk order coordinator immediately.  All refunds will be issued after tuber distribution in April.  NO refunds will be issued after May 1.  Refund amounts under $5 will be donated to NOFA/Mass, unless requested otherwise by phone or email.

Questions?  Cathleen O’Keefe, Bulk Order Coordinator,, (413) 387-2316

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