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Bulk Order Program

Off-loading supplies at New England Small Farm Institute, Belchertown, MA

 Thanks for a great round of orders.  Let us know if you would like to add any items to the 2016 order.

What is the Bulk Order program? 

This is a collective buying program for Baystate-approved, organically certifiable farm, garden, and lawn care products.   Products include compost; potting soil; fertilizers; mineral amendments; tools for the farm and garden; animal supplements; and tuber, allium, and cover crop seed.  The order is open every year during the month of January, from the 1st to the 31st.   Orders are delivered at the above sites in MA, RI, and CT in 2 rounds, during early March and April.  All items with the exception of tuber and allium seed are delivered in March. 

Who can participate?

NOFA members and non-members may participate. Whether you’re a small-scale gardener, large-scale commercial farmer, or anything in between, you can participate; there’s no minimum order.  Current NOFA members, or those who join or renew on the order form, will receive the price listed.  Non-members, please include an additional 10% to cover administrative fees.  

Which suppliers do you work with?

Organic Growers Supply, ME: mineral amendments, fertilizers, cover crop seeds -
Moose Tubers, ME (division of FEDCO): potato & allium seed – or (207) 873-7333
Fertrell, PA: - mineral amendments, fertilizers, animal care products -
Vermont Compost Company, VT: compost & potting soil -
Crop Production Services, MA: mineral amendments - (413-665-2115)
North Country Organics, VT: mineral amendments & fertilizers –
Ideal Compost Company, NH: compost, potting soil, wooden stakes –
Auto Be Green, NH: bio-synthetic hydraulic and motor oils -
Progressive Grower, MA
Descriptions and More Products:
Link here to brief descriptions of products listed on the order form.
Site Locations and Pick Up Times:

Belchertown: NESFI, 275 Jackson St.
Barre: Many Hands Organic Farm, 411 Sheldon Rd.
Dalton: Holiday Farm, 100 Holiday Cottage Rd.
Ipswich: Appleton Farms, 219 County Rd.
Little Compton, RI: Wishing Stone Farm, 25 Shaw Rd.
Meriden, CT: High Hill Orchard, 86 Fleming Rd.
Winchester: Wright Locke Farm, 78 Ridge St.
West Wareham: Progressive Grower, 81 Charlotte Furnace Rd.

Questions?  Cathleen O’Keefe, Bulk Order Coordinator,

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