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Mineral blend distributed at Gardeners Gathering

Growing food in the city has many advantages. Concrete and buildings create a warm microclimate, allowing a longer season than for rural growers. Pest and disease pressure may also be lower, due to lower populations of wildlife and the absence of monoculture. Irrigation isn’t an issue for most urban gardens, as water access points are numerous. And many cities offer free or low-cost compost. Cities seeking to be greener have, at many junctures, facilitated municipal composting operations and offered the product to community gardens.

Chard in clover-based cover end of season October

The catalogue and order form for the Tri-State NOFA Bulk Order (serving MA, RI and CT) will be published January 1st 2016 here. You will have one month to place your order, and your order will be ready for pickup on Saturday, March 12 at the pickup site nearest you. Check out this map of the Tri-State pickup locations.

Great news for soil-conscious growers in MA, CT and RI – in 2016 the NOFA Bulk Order will feature, for the first time, pre-mixed cover crop cocktails.

The inaugural blends will both feature a mix of brassicas, grasses and legumes, but one will be frost-sensitive for the best chance of winter-killing, while the other will be hardy to northeast winters for use as a multi-year fallow or pasture. The mixes are designed to offer the multiple, synergistic ecological functions that are the hallmark of a good cover crop cocktail, while also remaining cost effective.

The NOFA/Mass bulk order opens next month on January 1st. You’ll only have a month to get your order in, so start planning now! The order is open to both members and non-members and will be available to download January 1. No order is too small or too large - all participants save by purchasing together. 

Do you buy cover crop seed, fertilizers, mineral amendments, compost, potting soil, pest controls, animal health/
feed supplements, potato and allium seed, or tools for the farm or garden? Would you like to save money on those
items? If so, the bulk order might be perfect for you!
Each January, NOFA/Mass organizes a bulk order with popular
suppliers for distribution at sites in western, central, & eastern
MA, central CT & RI. Take advantage of significant savings

NOFA/Mass offers a Bulk Order program for growers of all types – farmers, gardeners, urban folks.  Anyone can put in an order of any size - $1 or $1,000.  If you’ve never heard of it, here’s how it works. It’s cooperative buying. We all pool our orders together, and the suppliers give us a “Bulk” discount.   Our suppliers: Fertrell, North Country Organics, Vermont Compost, Organic Growers Supply, Moose Tubers, Ideal Compost, and Crop Production Services.  Link here for more information to download an order form.

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