By Lydia Irons, NOFA/Mass Podcast Producer
January 2020

Icon of a barn with NOFA/Mass podcast text overlay

If you are a farmer, you have probably looked down an endless row of weeding to be done and sighed. Never-ending and daunting tasks pop up all over the farm and garden. As a matter of fact, they pop up in everyone’s life, no matter if you have an apartment in the city or 30 acres in the country. Washing dishes, folding laundry, putting up cans of tomatoes- heck, even long drives can leave us feeling lonely. Now think of the times that you have set out to finish a chore or a drive and had a few good friends along. When you are talking and laughing, sharing stories and knowledge, it can make the time you are elbow deep in the dishwater or at the beginning of a long row of weedy onions fly by. Well, guess what? If you subscribe to the NOFA/Mass Podcast you will have fabulous farmy friends in your headphones whenever you want!

Listening to a podcast is a great way to pass the time when you are working solo, and if you choose to listen to the NOFA/Mass podcast you will get to hang out with some of our favorite people as they chat about all sorts of farmy topics.

Woman holding baby in recording studio

Lydia Irons, NOFA/Mass Podcast Producer with
her infant son, Reed.

Subjects like regenerative grazing, making cheese, mushroom hunting, hoop houses, and even a history lesson or two. Lydia Irons (that’s me!) is the recurring host that will introduce the topics and make sure that every opportunity for a pun is used to the fullest and every episode has a new co-host that will share their experience with the topic of the show. Listening in on these chats will make you feel like you are hanging out with us, sharing in all the punny goodness. But it’s not just the two co-hosts shooting the breeze, the NOFA/Mass podcast features in-depth interviews and fun recurring segments.

Season 3 launches on January 8, 2020 and each episode will feature an interview with an expert on the topic of the show. Episode 1 features an interview with this year’s NOFA/Mass Winter Conference keynote speaker, and the author of White Wash, Carey Gillam! We will be introducing a new segment called “Homestead Advice” where your questions are answered by some of the most experienced homesteaders in the commonwealth, Julie Rawson and Sharon Gensler! If you have questions you want these two to consider email me at

You can find the NOFA/Mass podcast anywhere and everywhere you can download a podcast, including playing it right on our website. Just search for “NOFA/Mass podcast” and make sure to subscribe so that you never miss an episode. Let us come and be the friendly voices to get you through the weeding, the dishes, or your drive to the farmers market!