If you’re just getting started planning your coronavirus victory garden and need some friendly guidance, this webinar is for you! Lydia and Caro built a simple, classic raised bed garden together (while physically distancing!) from lawn to planting seeds in just two and a half hours.

We documented the process and will share what we did, explaining how start a simple raised bed vegetable garden from scratch.

We cover:

  • -Materials, tools & budget
  • -Basic raised bed construction
  • -How to prep the area
  • -How to fill it (and with what)
  • -Basic considerations for fertility
  • -Mulching
  • -Planting

We’ll also touch briefly on basic season extension for a raised bed and will discuss seed and seedling sourcing in the context of coronavirus-related stresses on seed companies and farms. For information on siting your garden, including considerations for planting a garden safely in soils that may have contaminants, please see our previous webinar, Starting a Garden Safely in Urban and Suburban Soils. Lydia Sivel-Irons: Producer-Host of the NOFA/Mass Podcast & NOFA/Mass PR Coordinator. Caro Roszell: NOFA/Mass Education Director, Soil Carbon Program Coordinator & owner-operator of New Wendell Farm, a 1/2 acre market garden serving Wendell Massachusetts.