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Thanks for your support! All donations go directly to high quality education and advocacy for organic agriculture in Massachusetts and the region.

We use every penny with the frugality of a farmer! 


Your donation to NOFA/Mass will help support:

  • Restoring carbon to the soil from the atmosphere through organic land management practices
  • Training the next generation of organic farmers
  • Advocating for public policy in the interest of farmers and consumers at the state and national levels
  • Strengthening connections with underserved populations to improve their access to organic farming resources”

Donations are quick and painless and help GROW the organic movement!

We welcome one time donations or regular donations through our Sustainer Monthly Giving Program (read more below). Thank you so much!



Help SUSTAIN NOFA/Mass through 2018... one month at a time!

Our Sustainer Monthly Giving Program was inspired by a long-term member who would send a weekly check to NOFA/Mass to demonstrate his commitment to organic food and farming. In 2017, eight individuals joined him by sending in modest monthly donations.  Some send in a monthly check, some have funds directly taken from their bank account.

Monthly donations give NOFA/Mass a stable, dependable source of funds to build and maintain the local organic movement.  Education, policy, beginning farmer, food access, carbon farming, soil testing and technical assistance, bulk order, and more.  Sustainers also help us to reduce our fundraising costs.

Our Sustainers are conscious citizens of the planet. They are farmers and gardeners and homesteaders and discerning consumers. They are rural and urban and suburban. They care about the planet's future and the quality of our food. They decide how much they can spare each month for NOFA/Mass's work - and we welcome them with gratitude onto our Sustainer team!

Please consider joining our Sustainer Team. It's simple. Commit to a small, monthly gift to NOFA/Mass for $10/mo, $20/mo., $50/mo, less or more - your choice!  You can have this done automatically through paypal on our website or we can mail or email you a reminder to send your monthly donation.  To set this up, please contact Heather at  Of course, you can cancel at anytime.

Thank you for your investment in growing the local organic food and farming movement and, more importantly, for your commitment to ensuring the health of food and this planet for future generations.

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NOFA Massachusetts is designated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as tax-exempt as defined is section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code and, as such, contributions to NOFA/Mass above regular membership dues are tax-deductible.

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